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  SiriusPower have been bringing families energy-efficient products since 2009 with Value & Entegrity.  Our  A+ BBB Rated, Customer Service Team is unmatched because we care about our customers first. We are there to take your call and listen to your concerns, solve your issues and be there when needed.  

 With our technological breakthroughs, we have been forging the future on how energy distribution can help families add value to their homes and build for their future. So the next step was for us to bring you unmatched warranties and production guarantees. .

 Our Technical staff is ready to answer your questions. Call us today at {704} 277-8035 or email us at

    Because we have maintained long-term relationships with Renewable Energy manufacturers. We have observed and seen the transformation of technological advances in manufacturing processes just a few short years ago were unobtainable. This means more efficient, more affordable solar products to the marketplace and to you the homeowner. Solar is more affordable now than ever with available now.

                           Tax Credits have just been reinstated so DO NOT wait any longer. Solar Energy is the future so do not miss this amazing opportunity to take advantage of the available incentives, saving you literally thousands of dollars off the gross cost of the energy system. If you wait you will lose the chance to save.

                                                                            CALL NOW  

                                         (704) 277-8035 

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Clean - Abundant Energy

Sirius Power

Energy Efficiency Consultation


  • * Lifetime Warranty- Never worry about your energy investment, a one time purchase.

Solar Panel Installation


On Site spot checks-Full Monitoring-At no additional cost saving you thousands over our competitors.

Solar Panel Repair

No Payments for the first 18 Months!

First 18 Months of Financing On US!



You can save from day ONE. Eliminate your electric bill and replace it with one low monthly panel payment. Once paid for your energy is free.





 Doing our part is not only affordable, it pays you in many ways . You no longer are renting your power from the local utility company, You now will own it! Coal ash and nuclear waste dumped into our local water supply is not exactly "Sustainable". Green-Healthy Energy  produced right on your home with NO toxic by products to worry about affords our childrens children a healthy viable future. That future begins now. Call us at {855} 346-5612 to take responsible action today. 

Our Style of Solar

Sirius Power is the only Solar Power company that backs their products with a full life time replacement policy. If a failure occurs, our technicians will remove and replace your panel with the exact type or similar if no longer available at NO additional cost to you.


Solar Panels

Sirius Power offers the homeowner the traditional Roof mounted, Ground mounted, Canopy panel systems.

Custom Crafted Systems

Sirius Powers carpenters prides itself with custom crafted systems that integrate well into your homes look, adding ambience that is also very attractive but practical in energy production.


Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Our lifetime warranty ensures that your system will remain functional, useful, and generating power for the life of your home, eliminating the worry and expense that many other companies bill you for on a recurring basis.

Home Assessment

With each installation we will personally go through your home and provide suggestions for further cost reduction and additional ways for you to save money and ensure your power goes where you need it, when you need it. All part of our unmatched standard service package.

About Sirius Power 

We Always Deliver

Sirius Power began its journey over a decade ago offering value with integrity. Customers know the difference and respect that we respect you. We have always put customers first with our A+ BBB Rating and unparalleled LifeTime Warranty. We know what money means to you and your family. That is why we back our products with such an amazing warranty. We have observed the unfortunate business practices of solar companies installing your equipment, some times correctly sometimes not, never to be heard from again. Our Customer Service is unmatched and we make sure we answer your call.  

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