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          NC-  30% Federal Earned Income Tax Credit {EITC}- 

                SC- 30% Federal ITC + 25% State Tax Credit 

Welcome to Solar Energy! Now you are hearing the amazing savings benefits that solar energy can provide you and your family. Your friends and neighbors are installing solar energy systems and you know now it’s a reality. With technologies becoming readily available to manufacturers, improving manufacturing processes at a much more efficient rate than what was available just two years ago is literally unprecedented. This means more affordable, dependable, efficient solar product’s that saves you money and helps save our children’s environment. We offer complete Solar installation projects to the Do It Yourself project. Whether you want to offset that costly Air Conditioning bill with Solar Comfort Systems, or just add a solar hot water system that provides free hot water. The possibilities are endless.
With so much is happening so fast, it is easy to get lost in the hype and excitement, getting lost in the minutiae is easy. The Solar Industry is now gaining a foothold in the perception of many Americans. It is becoming not only acceptable, but most certainly fashionable in many parts of the country. The mind set of taking part in our children’s future has and is becoming a common conversation among families and neighbors. Feeling confident and proud that we are playing a part in leaving something better behind. Sharing with friends and family over coffee or chatting in the back yard on a sunny spring day while the kids are playing, about how we are taking steps to make that change and feeling proud that you are now part of a solution. It is now a REALITY!
It is happening across America, it has begun. Whether now or later you will be part of this RENEWABL ENERGY REVOLUTION. The old Chimney Sweepers had their place in time. That was a different and wonderful time. However that status quo is hurting us now. It’s time to let go of that Industrial age that cloaked itself in dirty fossil fuels. We are adept and ambitious, we know it is time.
There is much we all gain and learn from this amazing, affordable technology. It is coming at us at a dizzying pace. From complete off the grid systems to solar water heating systems to help offset energy cost. Sirius Power slows that down and take’s the time to help you sort out the erroneous from the factual. There is so much information out there it sometimes is confusing to know which is the better decision and that is why we are here.
With over 40 years of combined experience we have a passion for your better choice. We offer you the best system for your application because we know that the benefits will last a life time, which is why we back all of our systems with a

                                  LIFETIME WARRANTY

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